Race Reports

Best run of the weekend for the weekend.

@McLeodRacing / #FTIperformance team, but we come up a bit short to John Force - 3.977 to 3.915.


Good vibes coming from the McLeod Clutches FTI Performance pit. Here’s to 4 W’s on this last race day of 2020. Thank you to all of you for the support throughout the wildest year of racing. Jim O and the boys are ready to be a player in some Championship upsets!

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The FTI Performance Funny Car suffered from tire spin near 150 ft, & Tasca was able to get the E1 win at the #SpringNats.  We've got one more chance to hoist a Wally this year, & our sights are set on the World Finals in Las Vegas next weekend!


Had a solid 3.932 @ 330.39 in E1, but came up a bit short to J.R.'s 3.881 @ 331. We've got a great racecar, just need a bit of luck on our side one of these days! We'll be back for more in Houston next weekend!